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Infrastructure Composites International creates large cell fiber reinforced polymer honeycomb composite structural panels.  Our system is used to build bridges, such as the fiberglass bridge built over No Name Creek in Russell Kansas.  It is also used to create buildings, large free span domes, arch structures and other large enclosures of many types. This system creates superior, cost effective structures, with excellent strength to weight ratios. It is an ideal solution for the creation of structures for many applications. 

This remarkable system, invented by Ben Kunz and developed by Ben and his son John Kunz, is uniquely suited for the creation of composite bridges, composite bridge decks, large composite panels, fiberglass bridges, fiberglass bridge decks, composite pier decks, floating marine platforms, portable offshore structures, floating military structures, floating military bases, floating marine bases, soil stabilization mats, soil stabilization panels, soldier fighting covers, revetments, sea walls, levees, environmental enclosures, odor control covers, and very large tanks.

Decks made with large cell honeycomb deck panels weigh 85 percent less than decks made with traditional materials.  Deck replacement for existing bridges represents just one example of composites in infrastructure. Retrofits of existing bridge decks with this system can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of replacement, especially when you consider the fact that newly decked bridges can be rated for a much higher load, since their underlying structures now support a static load one sixth of that for which they were originally designed. These panels, which are so light, they actually float in water, also represent wonderful opportunities for the use of composites in marine applications.

Infrastructure Composites International's proprietary large cell honeycomb system was used at KSCI, (Dr. Jerry Plunkett's Kansas Structural Composites Inc.,) in Russell Kansas, where John Kunz used it to create the first in a family of all fiberglass honeycomb bridges. At Frank Cherry's Midwestern Workshop on Fiber Reinforced Composite Infrastructure, June 24th, 1997, Mr. Dick Holzendorf of Alpha Owens Corning pointed out that plastic bridges like the one created for KSCI mimic nature, in that they employ recycled materials and ultimately can themselves be recycled.

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